Standardized Fortune

A study examing data matching up grades and graduation rates between college admission test 'submitters' versus 'nonsubmitters' revealed how little predictive value the tests provides: 0.05% of GPA & 0.6% graduation rate differentation.

Human intelligence is so multifaceted, so complex, so varied, that no standardized testing system can be expected to capture it. -- William Hiss, the study's main author

Of course, the SAT & ACT folks might wish to think otherwise.

The information in this study, of course, is valuable. But I also think it needs to be put into context in relationship to the many thousands of colleges and universities who find that the SAT is an extremely useful tool in the admissions process. -- James Montoya, College Board Vice President

But... but... but... wait. The study basically says that their data is almost useless?

More information is always better in admissions decisions. -- Wayne Camara, ACT Sr. Vice President of Research

Not when that data provides no actual information.