Day 179: God Hates Fags, But I Love You.

If there was one aspect of organized religion that Jesus opposed, it was its attempt to draw lines around the unclean, the marginalized and the sinners. Among his radical acts was immersing himself with sinners of all sorts – prostitutes, lepers, and collaborators with an occupying power. Segregation – the placing of a group of unholy people outside of mainstream interaction – was anathema to Jesus and should be to all Christians. To construct a legal regime in which those people are fair game for outright ostracism and segregation is a disgusting inversion of both democratic and Christian values.

[via the awesome The Dish]

The argument of those pushing these bills:

We see a growing hostility toward religion -- Josh Kredit, legal counsel for the Center for Arizona Policy

If this is what you're calling religion, damn right I'm hostile to it.